Reading Books Is Still Important

“Reading stories is an essential part of childhood, especially now where children are exposed to the delights of the iPad and sites like YouTube. Stories must not be forgotten and I am really pleased to see the children, enjoying their time in the new area. It seems to be occupied each time I visit Memorial Park. I hope to see a lot more children using the area, especially as we approach the Summer Holidays.”

Cllr Selina Seesunkur -Conservative Councillor for Larkswood Ward


Do all children enjoy reading? I am not sure, but I know most children like to play, and hence this was the inspiration behind the new storytelling area and the statues in Memorial Park.

Over 70 trees were cut down in our local cemetery, and while I appreciate this scheme does not bring the trees back, it certainly upcycles them, giving them a new lease of life.

The brief I gave Marshall, ( Natural Garden Sculptures) was books and an interpretation of childhood classics. I met with Marshall each week to finalise the design before work commenced.

Sculpture 1 – Child reading a book in bed

Sculpture 2 – Wildlife (Secret Garden)

Yes, I got stuck in and painted this one myself.

Sculpture 3 – The Wonderful Wizzard

Sculpture 4 – My Best Friend is a Book


Here I am painting butterflies by my little friend’s feet.

These friendly reminders lead you to a secret area if you can find it, and when you do, you will find, little wild mushrooms with multi-coloured dots, a smiling cat and more…