Full Council 30/01/20- CCTV in Chingford and more

I submitted the following questions at Full Council last night – Here are the responses.
Follow up after Full Council – 31/01/2020

From: Cllr Selina Seesunkur
Sent: 31 January 2020 09:55
To: Cllr Ahsan Khan
Cc: Cllr Kay Isa
Subject: CCTV

Dear Ahsan

Further to my questions and feedback yesterday I am writing to reiterate a few points ….

I would like to start by commending the Police and Council Officers for all their hard work in keeping the borough safe. Whilst I appreciate there is CCTV on both High Streets neither provision is adequate. The cameras on the Mount face in a single direction and do not cover the entirety of Old Church Road or Hall Lane. Similarly, I am told the cameras in North Chingford cover the station and the opposite end, the junction of Kings Road, with nothing in between.

Since the incident in July (where a number of shops in South Chingford had windows smashed in one single night), businesses are feeling vulnerable, coupled with the numerous reports of shoplifting businesses have indeed asked me “what exactly they are getting in terms of support from the Council”, especially as business rates are so high and have not been reviewed for decades.

The same can be said for Station Road, where Love North Chingford (LNC- XXXX) submitted a business case in 2018 which was declined as a result of budget constraints, however, chatter has since picked up on Facebook following on from a recent incident. Having read this business case it is clear CCTV provision is not adequate, in fact, it is non-existing in between the Station and Kings Road, which happens to be the core high street area. With reports of drug deals taking place behind the driving school, opposite the Station, I am surprised you have not felt the need to address this, especially as their business case was developed in conjunction with the police.

I note in your reply to me that the Head of ASB will be reviewing CCTV, thank you for this and I am really pleased that the Borough is investing in much needed 360 degree cameras, however further to my requests last night could I also ask that the LNC business case is revisited and businesses like The Mount Pub, Marthas, Gossip Nails, and other establishments prone to crime in South Chingford, are reasonably covered.

To reiterate
My requests from last night
– All CCTV is fully functional 24/7
– Locations are fit for purpose with the correct reach
– Cameras adequate pick up incidents as they occur (in essence 360d cameras).

Many thanks

Cllr Selina Seesunkur
Larkswood Ward
London Borough of Waltham Forest


From: Cllr Ahsan Khan
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2020 1:32:43 PM
To: Cllr Selina Seesunkur
Cc: Cllr Kay Isa
Subject: Re: CCTV

Dear Selina,
The 2017 Consultation results for Chingford were included as part of my written response in the order paper for yesterday’s full council meeting.
As mentioned last night, we are undertaking a review of all CCTV and as part of this review we will be looking new technologies and how we can improve coverage. A decision as not yet been made regarding 360 degree cameras but this will certainly form part of the review.
The Head of ASB will be re-looking at the business case for CCTV around Station Road and Chingford Mount area.
I have asked all CCTV in this area is checked to ensure it is in full working order to an update of which cameras were not working, how quickly they were repaired and ensure lessons are learned going forward.




Personal information has been removed due to data protection – Note stakeholders from both South and North Chingford were cc’d in the follow-up correspondence.