Charities Selina Supports

I am a big fan of giving back, I would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness to the Charities I support.

  • Kiva true to Conservative ideology,  is a charity that empowers people. You can lend to a person or to a cause,  the loan is interest free and is repaid to you via Kiva. I tend to leave the repayments back in my Kiva account and reinvest it. I have helped people in countries like Cambodia (having been extremely touched by the sadness left as a result of the Khmer Rouge when I visited some years ago), Congo and the Philippines. I tend to empower women in business because I believe we are very lucky to live in a very progressive society, but not every Country affords women the same opportunities.
  • I sponsor two children , actually three but as my first sponsored child came of age  World Vision allocated another child to me. My first child was Anil Kumar from India, who grew up! They live so far away you forget that they are children and will grow up one day, so my current sponsored children are Daraen from Cambodia and Yester from Honduras. We keep in touch via traditional old fashioned letters.
  •  NSPCC this one is pretty simple, in the sense that it does not need a long explanation however it is no less important than the two charities above.  I believe children are the most vulnerable in our society and they need protecting. This organisation is fantastic and their website is very educational, so whether you sponsor them or not, it is well worth the read.
  • MS Society  This one is very personal to me. My sister was diagnosed with MS a week before my wedding. I remember the exact spot I was sitting when I got the news. My sister is an absolute trooper and if you think I am a feminist or even ‘a woman who does too much’, she takes independence to the next level. She will not let MS beat her. She is a strong soul who soldiers on every day. Her best friend from school also has MS and has suffered immensely, and yet she is another shining example of a young women who fights a good fight and has a successful career doing so.

There are others, like Red Nose Day and Cancer Research but the four above are my main causes. I am always on the look out for new charities and be interested to hear from you.


I believe in sponsoring  my friends who go the extra mile for a good cause but if I am not in a position to give money, I will certainly promote you and your good work, so get in touch…